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Last updated - November 04 2023

Our Business


It is our goal to uplift labor and employment in the Philippines by aiming to provide quality and world class Virtual Assistant training services.


For Filipinos to secure international standard employment working as Virtual Assistant, that provides above industry compensation thus enhanced their economic standard of living and their respective families.

Certified Trainees Reviews

"NakakaPROUD at NASALI ako sa batch na ito. Just so you know, currently Real Estate Cold Caller parin ako ngayon, with the SAME CLIENT na inapplyan ko after ng TRAINING na ito. I am EARNING $5.00 / hour plus BONUS and INCENTIVES. THANK YOU sa naging trainer namin na si Hendryx. More power Real Virtual Assistant."

Carlos S.
Batch 3
"Yes, I GOT THE CONTRACT already hehe and accepted it just now. Thanks Dryx, Thanks for the LEARNING I owe it to you. I APPLIED what we did during the training. Wala nga lang interview, yan voice recording lang then evaluate daw nila ayun na contract na sinabi ko lang sa recording ko na NAGTRAINING ako sa Real Virtual Assistant."

Emelda D.
Batch 3
"RVA has been a REALLY HELP for me. I was given a CHANCE to be one of their TRAINEE April 2022. I can say say they provide INTENSIVE training and will provide you a great BACKGROUND of how you can BECOME a VA from SCRATCH. SPECIAL THANKS to Mr. Hendryx Benitez, without your GUIDANCE.I don't think I can make it. Thank you so much RVA. Hoping you could HELP MORE people like me."
Louel O.
Batch 6

Training Exit Survey



Our Trainees are IMPORTANT to us!

We sincerely appreciate their time, TRUST, patience and effort participating the training campaign.

Our GOAL is to continuously improve and provide the BEST that we can offer, to help FILIPINOS to jump start their Virtual Assistant CAREER.

For TRAINING and QUALITY purposes. We are humbly asking them feedback to a short exit SURVEY.

It help us to provide EXCELLENTservice.


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