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Client's Contract & Payment

As a Virtual Assistant, you will receive a CONTRACT and will be ask for PAYMENT options.

Contracts are form of communication of stipulations / agreement, scope and limitations, obligations and others to mark the start of business relationship

Contracts could be formal or informal.

Formal Contracts could be more comprehensive and elaborated. Virtual Assistant could be an employee or an independent contractor.
This type of agreement normally in a form of formal letter and saved as a pdf format as an attachment.

Informal Contracts are more direct and short in form. The hourly rate, start date, work hours and mode of payment are most highlighted.
This type of agreement normally in a form of email.

Actual Contract

Some information are highlighted for privacy and confidentiality reasons

Agency Formal Contract
Client Formal Contract
Client Informal Contract

Client Payment

Paypal (Weekly payment)
WISE Transfer (Weekly payment)
Bank Transfer
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Highly recommended! This training is very informative and helpful for an aspiring appointment setter. It has helped me understand the crucial details regarding Real Estate. I appreciate that the whole team has also given their full support to everyone who attended. All the best to RVA team!

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